Financial Freedom with Real Estate

On this podcast episode I talk about financial freedom and how real estate can help you achieve financial freedom. I also discuss why financial freedom is so difficult for most people. It starts with how we are raised, when our parents tell us to go to school, get good grades, and get a good job. And we listen to them. Fast forward twenty years, and you may find yourself feeling overworked, underpaid and at a job that you can’t stand. Even worse, if you are like most Americans, you can’t quit your job because you have bills to pay, credit card debt and almost no savings. You have fixed expenses that won’t go away. Does this sound familiar? You need that job in order to pay those bills so you feel stuck. You are in what Robert Kiyosaki calls the “rat race” in his book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” (which you should read). So the first step towards financial freedom is to understand that your focus should be on INCREASING YOUR INCOME, not on decreasing your expenses. Focus your energy (and time) on increasing your income not clipping coupons or trading your time for money. When you start increasing your income and you make more money then you should make sure that you don’t increase your spending by increasing your life style. Instead you should be saving this money in order to build up bucket # 2 which is the savings bucket. By building up this bucket, you will be able to move into bucket #3 which is the investment bucket. And the investment bucket is what will help you to increase your income and increase your net worth. When you increase your income and you increase your net worth, you move one step closer towards financial freedom. That is why I tell my students you are just one flip away from financial freedom. When the day comes that you make enough money from flipping houses that you can quit your job then you are truly free. The question is how attainable is that? The answer is very attainable. There are over 100,000 people that make $500,000 or more per year from investing in real estate in the U.S that are sole proprietors who have business with no employees. Obviously there are many more companies that invest in real estate that have many employees (like my company). When you add those numbers up there are hundreds of thousands of people in the U.S who made their income this year from flipping houses. You could be one of those people! So set that as a goal and then ask yourself this questions: What am I doing today, to create a life of financial freedom for myself tomorrow. Here is a tip: Watch less TV and listen to podcasts not music when you commute to work. Spend more time reading and learning and listening to podcasts. Listen to everything you can and learn something new every day. If you do this for 90 days, your life will begin to change. If you are brand new to real estate and want to learn more about how to wholesale real estate and flip houses then please register for the free wholesaling real estate training at this link below: FREE WHOLESALING TRAINING FIXING AND FLIPPING TRAINING If you want to learn how to fix and flip houses I have a fix and flip training webinar at this link: DON’T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE TO THIS PODCAST TO BE NOTIFIED OF UPDATES SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL CONNECT WITH ME ONLINE DOWNLOAD A FREE COPY OF MY BOOK ON WHOLESALING PROPERTIES For more real estate tips about property investment, investing in real estate, and how to start wholesaling, download a FREE copy of my best selling book “Wholesaling Bank Owned Properties” at

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Incredible podcast!

This podcast is a must listen for anyone looking to level up their real estate investing strategies! Lex is a great host and his conversations with guests reveal everything you need to know to succeed.


Amazing Content!

Lex does such a good job covering a variety of topics. The guests offer valuable insight as well. I would recommend this podcast to anyone looking to be inspired and informed!


Absolutely Top Class!!!!

Excellent content from one of the top boots on the ground investor. Personally changed my life and my Real Estate investing career. Many thanks Lex for providing amazing content, mentorship and for sharing your knowledge and real world experience.


Invest like the best!

Whether you're a seasoned real estate investor or just dipping your toes in, Lex is the guy you want in your corner - and your headphones! I cannot tell you how much I've learned from this show. Thanks a million, Lex!

Arlie K

Excellent Content!!!!!

This is a wonderful podcast to listen to with such valuable content. I was very interested to listen to your take on why one should purchase rental property.


Best real estate investor podcast.

Lex gives you real tips with actual names of multiple sites and services to use from the beginner up to advanced. I feel he’s giving away his classes for free on the podcast. Most podcasts stop short of details and give generic advice unless you join there groups.


The Real Deal!

I’ve been looking to get into the world of real estate investing but everyone I ask gives me answers that makes it all sound way too easy. This podcast gives you the real deal. More please!

Anna B David

Great show for beginners or experts!

As an amateur flipper since I was in my teens, I kind of have gotten pretty good at identifying great opportunities and taking advantage of them. But, Lex dives much deeper and gives actionable tips on how to make sure you are looking at everthing before making any decisions. I'm hooked!

Mitche Graf

Be Prepared to Learn!

Two words: Information Dense. Sweet Moses. I’ve listened to other real estate investing podcasts but this by far is the most practical, the most hands-on podcast I have heard to date. You can tell that the host, Lex, is very passionate about real estate investing. That passion with his experience translates into an excellent podcast. He shares theory about a topic and then tells a story about his experiences in the real world. That to me is gold!

Cliff Duvernois